Episode 9

Lucas Rockwood is an American yoga teacher, master trainer, entrepreneur, writer and performer. He is the creator of the hugely successful podcast the Yoga Talk Show.


00.00.00 - Opening
00.56.00 - How Lucas developed such a professional podcast.
00.03.38 - How the podcast has helped his business.
00.06.50 - How to monetize a podcast.
00.09.00 - What's next in podcasting.
00.12.25 - Why Lucas decided to develop Yoga Trapeze training and why it's so popular?
00.14.30 - Paying teachers a salary.
00.24.15 - Why Lucas stopped making episodes of the Yoga Business Mastery podcast.
00.25.30 - How the yoga industry may be evolving and what's the next big thing?
00.29.00 - What the next growth area is for YOGABODY.

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