Episode 8

Have you ever used YogaGlo or Alo Moves and thought ‘I could do that’? Well, Joe Pace has! Joe is the Founder of Icewater Yoga, a new online yoga platform that provides approachable classes in plain English. 

In this Episode of The Yoga Life Podcast, Joe’s story is compelling and his message is clear: when you have ice water in your veins anything is possible!


00.00.00 - Opening.
00.00.45 - Intro.
00.04.45 - Icewater Yoga in a nutshell. 
00.08.40 - How Joe created the platform and the challenges he faced.
00.17.30 - Time management & prioritizing as a self employed person.
00.23.00 - Joe’s father and why the business is dedicated to him. 
00.26.40 - How Icewater Yoga differentiates from other streaming services.
00.31.20 - Building the Icewater app.
00.37.20 - The best way to promote an online platform.
00.47.00 - Messaging & finding your authentic voice when marketing.

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