Episode 19

I'm pumped to share this chat with my brother from another mother, Bruce Chung. I first met Bruce in March 2018 at the Bryce Yoga 300-hour Teacher Training. Since then, we've lunched together, sweated together and now podcasted together!

Bruce has lived and taught yoga in (his hometown of) Toronto, Singapore, Dublin, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. With over 1000 certifiable training hours and 10 years of teaching experience, Bruce knows a thing or two about a thing or two on that mat!

In this episode of The Yoga Life Podcast, Bruce talks about being raised by a single mom, often surrounded by women, and how this has created its own unique challenges in finding his voice as a teacher. We learn about his life before yoga and how it's possible to carve out a career as a travelling yogi.

Bruce leads workshops, retreats, and trainings in various parts of the world so I'm delighted that he took the time to share his story with us. 

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